Family School Partnerships

Learning that is grounded in relationships, and supportive relationships can unleash the potential of every student.

(Fullan and Langworthy, 2013)

Parents & Friends

The Association;

· Meets once a term

· Strengthens school community through supporting the work of the School Advisory Council

· Strengthens school community through organising faith building functions

· Strengthens school community through organising fundraising functions

· Strengthens school community through organising social functions

Advisory Council

The St. Mary's School Advisory Council;

· Meets once a term

· Assists with the preservation and promotion providing informed advice to the canonical administrator

· Assists with planning for the present and future operating of the school

· Passes on information about Catholic Education to the community

· Formulating, ratifying and revising school policy (with staff)

· Oversees school finances

· Participates in regular formation activities​


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