Our Staff

We employ ten staff at St Mary’s school, both teaching and non-teaching, on both a full and part-time basis. As a small staff we share in a number of leadership roles, giving us the opportunity to participate in some worthwhile professional development.

Mr Chris Kavanagh (Principal currently on Secondment to Sienna Catholic Primary School, Lucas)
Mrs Inez French (Current Interim Principal /Classroom Teacher)
Mrs Jenny Curran (Classroom Teacher/ Numeracy & Literacy Co-ordinator)
Mrs Jessica Reynolds (Classroom Teacher/ Deputy Principal/ Religious Education Co-ordinator)
Mr Callum Stevens  (Classroom Teacher)
Mrs Jessica Sartori  (Language/Italian Teacher)
Mrs Lyndal O'Keefe (Intergration Aide/Risk & Compliance Officer)
Mrs Kelly McGannon (Intergration Aide)
Mrs Leonie Wray/ Mrs Majella Muller (Administration)
Mrs Tina Handley (Pastoral Care Worker)


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