Girls Uniform

Check dress white socks and black shoes, woollen jumper, green skorts, and short sleeved  gold polo top with school logo.

Checked tunic, or green dress pants, gold polo , black tights and black shoes.

School Waterproof Spray Jacket is optional.

Boys Uniform

Gold short sleeved polo with logo, grey shorts or trousers, Green woollen jumper, grey socks and black shoes.

Grey trousers, Gold  polo, grey socks and black shoes. School woollen jumper is worn with both summer and winter uniforms. Black shoes, not sneakers are the requirement for footwear. School Waterproof Spray Jacket is optional.

Sports Uniform


Gold polo shirt, green rugby  shorts, white socks and sports footwear. Green netball skirts for girls. Gold school polo top.  WINTER

Green Track pants and track jumper with school logo

Please Note

Please ensure all school clothing is named with a prominent name tag. School pale blue polo shirts and rugby tops are available for purchase through the school office.

Children's hair should be neatly trimmed, with long hair being tied back to lessen any annoyance it may cause.

In colder weather, children are advised to have a coat to wear, because of the vast difference between the temperatures inside the classroom and outside. Jewellery is not to be worn to school. Studs may be worn, but not decorated earrings. Nail polish is not to be worn at school.


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